How to manage it day-to-day

Detection, coping and treating it

Detection: warning signs

les-signes-d'alerte_ENG  Do not forget the quiet signs! Refusal to eat or drink, increase in duration of meal time. But also dramatic weight loss, dehydration, acute respiratory diseases, drooling, malnutrition, etc. It is essential to ask the patient questions!

Coping strategies

To ensure safe hydration on a day-to-day basis, it is necessary to take the following points into consideration:

In order to establish the level of liquid thickening suitable for patients, Nutrisens Medical has developed the D.S.A pack, which uses 4 types of liquids ranging from tap water to thickened or gelled water. The different levels of viscosity associated with sensory and sensitive stimulations are called ‘GRADES’ in this test. Each grade of liquid uses both sensitive stimulation of the mouth and the throat (temperature, flavouring) and a reduction in the speed of the liquid (viscosity, yield point).

Les eaux

pour une hydratation sûre

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Les poudres

à incorporer dans tout type de préparation déjà aromatisée

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Les Compléments
Nutritionnels Oraux

à texture épaissie pour pallier le risque
de dénutrition

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